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Aesthetic medicine is an area which mainly focuses  how to inhibit the skin ageing process, liquidate wrinkles and eliminate other aesthetic problems of  a human body. What is more, aesthetic medicine deals with aesthetic defects correction including: scars, cellulite, sunken cheeks, stretchmarks, discolored skin and many others.

We offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments improving the appearance,  condition of the skin and correcting imperfections.


Treatments provided by our Institute enable to obtain particular effects such as:

>> wrinkle correction (crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, nosolabial furrows);
>> modelling and enlargement of lips;
>> face remodeling-zygomatic arches ( so-called cheekbones), nose;
>> removal of periorbital dark circles;
>> discoloration removal;
>> scar liquidation;
>> getting rid of acne;
>> skin rejuvenation;
>> facelifting;
>> occlusion;
>> treatment of vascular changes including flat lesions, “spider veins”, teleangiectasia;
>> removal of unwanted hair;
>> reduction of stretchmarks and cellulite;


To obtain optimal treatment effects we use the latest technological achievements. We tailor a therapy or treatment to individual problems and health conditions of every patient.

We carry out therapies such as:
>> biomimetic lift -up with oligopeptides;
>> PDO Thread –face lift First Lift;
>> face volumentry;
>> hyaluronic acid;
>> botox;
>> Cosmelan;
>> lasers: Mediostar (LED), Quadrostar +KTP laser (fractional and ablative laser resurfacing);
>> sculptra;
>> mezopen-micro needle therapy;
>> mesotherapy;
>> medical peeling;
>> microdermabrasion;
>> electrocoagulation;
>> lipolysis;