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Dermatology deals with studying the causes of skin, hair and nails diseases; seeking the methods to cure them and what is more, preventing their occurrence.

This is a basic area of medicine which does not require any surgery.


Our clinic offers the services of dermatology and venereology experts including:
>> treatment of dermatological diseases in adults and children;
>> acne and post –acne spots treatment;
>> treatment of scars and skin discoloration;
>> treatment of hyperhidrosis using botulinium toxin;
>> evaluation of pigmented moles;
>> prophylaxy and treatment of hair loss;
>> fibroid excising using liquid nitrogen or electrocoagulation method;
>> treatment of sculp;
>> nail treatment;


Camea Institute of Aesthetic Medicine signed up an agreement with NFZ (the National Health Fund) to provide medical services in the range of dermatology and venereology. 


A referral to a dermatological clinic is of utmost importance if you are willing to use medical services as part of the health insurance.