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A perfect smile, white and healthy teeth are likely to be a desire for most of us. We are willing to help you reach this goal. Camea offers   complex dental treatment while emphasizing the aesthetics  of a smile. Aesthetic stomatology is a range of therapeutic and aesthetic activities aiming at the effect of a perfect smile.

It combines elements of implantology, prosthodontics, orthodontics, surgery, dentistry and prophylaxy.


We provide medical treatment for both adults and children. We perform medical services  such as:

>> aesthetic stomatology;
>> dentistry;
>> pediatric dentistry;
>> endodontics;
>> dental surgery;
>> maxillofacial surgery;
>> implants;
>> prosthodontics;
>> teeth whitening;
>> prophylactic treatments;
>> treatment and dental surgeries under general anaesthesia.

Camea Institute provides dental services guaranteed with the NFZ ( the National Health Fund) agreement.